Disconnect to Connect on March 1st

Students and teachers will take a break from technology on Friday, March 1st

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Disconnect to Connect on March 1st

Kylene True, Staff Writer

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In the year 2019, it seems as if the average teenager’s school day revolves around technology.  Between Aspen (student management system), Google Classroom, and classroom projectors, technology is a staple to many student and teacher routines.  As a way to break past these online demands that shape the typical high school experience, Scituate High School administration has organized a day to “disconnect.”  

Friday, March 1st, is a National Day of Unplugging that prompts individuals to “disconnect” and rediscover the important moments in their lives–away from the screen. At Scituate High School, school psychologist Steve Howey decided to piggyback off of this national event and challenge the way teachers and students spend their time in school.

Howley hopes students will pledge to refrain from using technology in its entirety for one full day, especially at school. In turn, they will become more aware of how “overdependent” they have become on technology and choose to disconnect more often.

The impact of technology on student life is immeasurable.  Many students have been unknowingly dependent on technology for much of their lives but they aren’t aware of the role it plays. Students have been taught how to use and navigate electronics, but an emphasis on how powerful these tools can be still needs to be explored.

March 1st is an opportunity to challenge not only students but teachers to run a classroom without depending on technology for resources.  A day free from online resources and screen time would allow students and teachers alike to interact with each other more than usual.  

Howley hopes that participating members of the SHS community will be more “mindful of how dependent” we are on technology.  For members (students and teachers) willing to pledge, this could be a powerful and eye-opening experience.

Students will have the opportunity to pledge their participation during lunch blocks on February 25th-28th.