Sewing Workshop Offered Through SHS Library

Kylene True, Staff Writer

Most students utilize the school library as an area to study, print papers or find educational resources.  There is, in fact, a different asset that the SHS library Maker Space has available to students—a sewing machine. Scituate High School’s librarian, Susan Lydon, has taken it upon herself to “increase the awareness” of this resource for students to learn a new skill set within their own school.

Lydon is familiar with knitting, but she began taking sewing classes in order to teach basic sewing skills to students interested in learning about the school’s sewing machine.  Lydon is currently hoping to present a workshop that teaches students how to sew fleece pajama pants, hats, and bags.

The signup sheet for students interested in the pajama pants workshop is located at the front desk in the library.  Lydon is willing to set up a time that works best for those who sign up as well as provide them with all the materials needed. Lydon hopes to promote the use of the sewing machine so students can create a comfortable and personalized pair of pajama pants. 

Junior Lia Vecchi says the sewing workshop is interesting as it allows students to “explore a new array of skills” that otherwise may not be available.  Students who are interested in creating their own pair of fleece pajama pants should talk to Ms. Lydon, or sign up with the signup sheet in the library!