College H Block Showcase

Students meet local college reps during H-Block

Julia Pasini and Hannah Carle

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Fall of junior or senior year can be stressful, and many students have trouble finding time to get in yet another campus tour. H block may only be 28 minutes; however, during this free time, any junior or senior at SHS can head down to the library or guidance suite to hear from a college representative of their choice. From the beginning of the school year until Thanksgiving, over 40 colleges and universities have been scheduled to visit with students. At many of these meetings, the local admissions counselor, the same person who reads Scituate applications, engages with SHS students in discussions about the college or university they represent.

Signups for college visits can be found on Naviance, but students can also drop in on the day of the meeting. Students and guidance counselors alike have emphasized the idea that going to these meetings can only benefit the student. Admissions representatives introduce themselves and give insight to the school’s specific admissions process. They are also happy to field any questions students may have about the process.

Senior Kevin Farwell is grateful for this experience, stating he is “happy the school does it and if not a lot of people sign up it’s an extra bonus to get your name out there.” Donna Mullen, administrative assistant for the guidance department, offered insight on what she believes is beneficial from the college visits: hearing things that might draw the student to school, asking questions even if they are as simple as “how old are the dorms?” and listening to what the specific expectations are for that school.

This year, there is an increasing number of students attending these meetings. Generally, 5-20 students attend each meeting, but over 50 students attend meetings for the more popular schools like UMass Amherst. Mullen has worked hard to geographically diversify the program, attracting southern schools to Scituate: the University of South Carolina, a very popular school among Scituate students, has participated.

As for the future, Mullen and others in the guidance office are hoping to plan a college fair for students. So whether it be a busy schedule or financial restrictions that prevent students from seeing a college, students should check out Naviance, as many schools may be coming soon!


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