New Student Senate at SHS

Caroline Quinn, Editor in Chief

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If you notice one of the bathroom sinks in the girls’ restroom isn’t working, and you realize this has been a problem for months, where can you go to express your concern? If you aren’t sure, that is because there really isn’t a regulated and specific system for students to voice their concerns.

SHS sophomore Lucy McKain and junior Caroline James, both student representatives on Scituate High School’s COMPASS committee, realized this and took the lead in creating an answer to this problem. Along with SHS faculty members Samantha Lesniak, Elizabeth Grindle and Steve Howley, McKain and James are creating a Student Senate.

“I believe it will allow for students to bring up topics that are important to them and make changes to the community if necessary, as well as modify what is happening at Scituate High School and in the community,” said McKain.

It is still in the works, but the SHS Student Senate has a goal of meeting every two months, or twice a quarter. Membership may be limited to recommendations from teachers and senate leaders. According to James, “To get in the Senate, we are currently looking for teacher recommendations.” James said she and McKain will also have some input about students who they feel would suit the positions. James stressed that the Senate will be made up of students from all grades.

According to James, the SHS Student Senate would like to address current issues as they get up and running: “Currently, our thoughts are things like longer H Blocks, senior privileges, the start time, longer lunches, and a few others.” They plan to have the Senate in full swing by next year.

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New Student Senate at SHS