E-Passes Making Life Easy

Students and Teachers See Benefit to E-Pass System

Jessica Presutti, Staff Writer

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Scituate High School has recently improved its technology by introducing the new electronic passes, or the E-Pass.  These passes are being used as an alternative to hand-written passes, and both students and staff see many benefits to the system.  

SHS physical education teacher Will Seward uses E-Passes to dismiss students from H-block to go to the gym.  According to Seward, “The gym and the fitness center are spaces that when utilized effectively during H-block can provide a great outlet for students.” H-block is intended to help students de-stress and relax, and the E-Pass gives students an opportunity to do this through activity.  Seward finds the E passes to be “more effective and more efficient.”  Seward said students take ownership, and the E-Pass allows them to easily show a physical pass to their H-block teacher. “It is on their phone, and it allows us as teachers to be more efficient with our time,” he noted.

The E-Pass creates a list for the teacher of those students who signed up. Teachers check them off as they arrive and they are able to track each student. Safety and less stress are two positive benefits of the E-Pass.  Junior Sarah Hyde noted another benefit from a student’s perspective:  Hyde frequently uses E-Passes during study hall and H-block.  Hyde explained that they ¨make life easier by just going online rather than having a teacher write one.” Hyde said E-Passes also make group projects “much easier to complete.¨  

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E-Passes Making Life Easy