Scituate Students Participate in Successful Shoe Drive

Molly Bonner, Staff Writer

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Through 103.3 AMP radio, Singer Liam Payne created a shoe drive for the Big Brother and Big sister foundation. Schools across Massachusetts were told to collect all the shoes, boots, and sneakers that they could. The school that collects the most wins a concert at their school with Liam Payne.

 Scituate High school student and student council member Caroline Quinn heard about the contest on the radio and “thought that it would be a fun thing for our school to do.” After getting approval for the fundraiser, Quinn worked hard to get the word out, creating posters and coordinating shoe pickup times with the radio station. Quinn said that the entire student council worked together in “hyping it up” to get the word out in only ten days. Once word got out about the contest, fans and students leaped into action. Junior and Payne fan Grace Olivieri learned about the contest through an email at school and as a result joined the student council team. From there, she went to donate 209 pairs of shoes.

 Student Council adviser Stacey Hendrickson was immensely proud of the work that this school did to come together and raise 2000 pairs of shoes. Hendrickson expressed, “Caroline’s leadership skills in this event was what made it happen.” Although Scituate High School did not win the concert, Hendrickson explained that they now know the competition and what they can do to strive to win next year.



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Scituate Students Participate in Successful Shoe Drive