GSA Strives to Help Create a Safe and Welcoming Environment

Molly Bonner, Staff Writer

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Eleven years ago, the Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) started at Scituate High School when a student spoke to health teacher Amy Heffernan about the idea of starting the club. The primary purpose of the club is to provide an opportunity for students of all different identities to work together to help make SHS a safe and welcoming environment for everyone.

Heffernan explained that her role as the club advisor is to give “adult support” for the goals the club members are trying to achieve. With the leadership of senior Dani Tyrcha and juniors Anna Svensen and Callie Moos, the club is currently gaining more visibility at SHS.

On Monday, May 15th, the GSA sponsored presentations in the SHS library, and the entire day was planned by Tyrcha, Svensen, and Moos. Heffernan explained that the students run the club, and she is extremely pleased with their work: “I really appreciate the students’ work!”

Heffernan explained that The GSA isn’t the only club at the high school working to make a safe place for others. “We are just doing our part,” she said. While the main focus of The GSA is raising awareness of sexual orientation and gender identity, she applauds the work of other SHS organizations, including Allies not Bystanders, Real Conversations, ADL, Feminism Club, and Best Buddies.


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GSA Strives to Help Create a Safe and Welcoming Environment