The Hate You Give Showing to SHS

Juliet Ball and Hannah Morel

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The Hate You Give showing will take place on Wednesday, February 13th through Friday, February 15th for teachers and there will be an all-school viewing for students on Thursday, February 28th. After the different screenings students and staff will join in a comprehensive and open discussion about the messages of the movie. The viewing will be in the auditorium for teachers and in the student’s H block classrooms.

There will be three viewing options for teachers because of the large number of staff members. This will ensure that the student’s learning experience will not be affected by the movie showing. Teachers will miss the second half of the first block, all of the second block, and then will be able to return to their class for the end of the third block.

Students will not miss any blocks during the two days however the classes will be only thirty minutes long. For students, they will view the whole movie on the first day and will have a discussion immediately after. They will also have time to discuss the following day to allow them to dig deeper into the themes of the movie.

The idea was presented by the new METCO director, Michelle Crawford Cranmore who wants the community to “have real conversations about race and to come away from this having an understanding of double consciousness and its impact.” She has been working on this project for months with Mr. Scopelleti, Mr. Wargo, Mrs. Lesniak, Mr. Swett, and Mr. Beattie.

The discussion will center around cultural proficiency. Scituate High School Principal Robert Wargo explains that administration wants “people walking into this with the mindset of ‘what are the big takeaways’ and ‘what can we learn from this’ and for them to have a thoughtful discussion.” The hope is that the viewing will open viewers minds to cultural proficiency.


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