SHS Graduating Seniors Going Global

Record number of SHS graduates will earn college credit while studying overseas


SHS grads Jackie Kenney (left) and Jennifer Dellapa (right) are heading overseas to Europe for their college experience

Anna Kelly, Staff Writer

This year, an unprecedented number of SHS seniors are heading abroad for college. Citing affordability, travel opportunities, and an “escape from the bubble,” these eight impressive students shared their perspectives:

Jennifer Dellapa 

Dellapa plans to double-major in English Literature and Sociology at “gorgeous” Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland. Here, she’s excited to travel easily, immerse herself in Gaelic culture, and meet people worldwide. “Dublin is like a younger, artsier Boston,” Dellapa explained, “so there are lots of cultural similarities, especially growing up in Scituate.” Her advice to students considering a study abroad option? “While it’s scary to go international for school, it’s doable. Like California, it’s only a flight away.”

Leah Sullivan 

An avid traveler, Sullivan is excited to spend her first semester at Northeastern University in London, England. Her passion for the arts spurred her decision to major in design, a field which she “has always been drawn to.” Sullivan can’t wait to explore Europe during her time in London, where travel is relatively accessible and affordable. “Studying abroad teaches you so much about others, the world, and yourself,” Sullivan said. “It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

Vince Chaisson 

Chaisson is looking forward to studying business at Northeastern University in London. Inspired by his father, who works in real estate, Chaisson finds the field of business captivating. Though his program doesn’t offer a specific meal plan, Chaisson is “trying not to worry about too much.” He added, “Until I’ve had the experience myself, I have no idea what it will be like.”

Sorina Condon

A true fashion lover, Condon is attending the American University in Paris, studying art and international business. Her first trip abroad was in March when she toured the university. Finding that Paris “didn’t feel too far away,” Condon is excited to live independently, explore Europe, and experience the “real world,” though she’s worried about “getting her stuff over.”  Condon commented, “It’s worth it to immerse yourself into something unfamiliar,” adding, “Stick to your gut, and don’t let others’ fears influence you.”

Jackie Kenney

Kenney can’t wait to spend the next four years at the University of Stirling in Scotland. With plans to major in English, Kenney commented, “I like to read. I like to write, and English has all of that.” As a Latvian dual citizen, Kenney looks forward to the ease of travel abroad and getting a “fresh start.” While being “very excited” about the British accents, Kenney is also nervous about fitting in culturally: “I’m scared I’ll be out-of-the-loop on UK jokes.”

If you’re thinking about traveling abroad for college, Kenney advised, “Just do it.”

Emily Love

Love plans on spending her first semester at the University of Massachusetts in London, majoring in finance. After expressing an interest in studying abroad, the university invited her to apply to their London program. “I want to take this opportunity while I have it,” explained Love. “Scituate is a bubble, and I want to immerse myself in a new culture in a new place.” With advice to students considering a similar path, Love commented, “If you’re feeling worried, remember you’re not alone, and it could be the greatest time of your life.”

Charlotte Wiggs

Wiggs will be studying sociology at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada. Ever since her junior-year sociology class, Wiggs has been captivated by how human interactions impact society. “People are so connected, yet so divided,” she elaborated. While not studying, Wiggs is excited to explore the “beautiful” city of Montreal—a sort of “student hub,” thanks to numerous colleges in the area. Wiggs plans to “absorb it all” and “be open-minded to new experiences,”

Nadia Belber

Belber will attend the Glasgow School of Art and Design in Scotland, majoring in photography. When visiting during Thanksgiving break, she found the school “beautiful,” though, like many other international students, Belber was drawn to its price. “It’s a lot cheaper than in America,” she added. 

“I can’t wait to live on my own,” Belber commented. “It’ll be a lot to fly there and back, but I’m excited to grow in the field of photography and experience new things.”