Casting Call for Scituate Style

Sorina Condon and Brenna Donovan

Starting in September, I wanted to add something fresh to The Scituation. I was interested in creating a space where students could talk about fashion, and when I asked SHS fashion staple Sorina Condon to be my co-host, “Scituate Style” was born.

Inclusion is at the heart of Scituate Style. We knew we wanted it to showcase many styles, especially during spirit weeks. Consequently, we decided to showcase a variety of fashion statements.  

Starting with our first episode posted in October, we interviewed students about their fall outfits. It wasn’t easy at the beginning, and some people were confused. Nevertheless, filming the first episode was exciting, and we received compliments from classmates and alumni on our final product.

On Halloween, we filmed an episode displaying different costumes. This time, people were eager to be a part of the process. Students put so much effort into dressing up on Halloween, and we captured some great costumes. 

With art clubs and numerous differentiating media art classes offered to students, creativity is encouraged at SHS. As for the visual arts, such as fashion, little was incorporated into the community. But by bringing Scituate Style to The Scituation we strived to provide students with more opportunities to showcase their creativity, style, and art.

Due to scheduling conflicts, we had difficulty filming additional episodes; however, we have footage being put together for a third episode. Our hope for next year is to pass the Scituation Style project on to a new team with the same passion for fashion and journalism as we do!

Keep an eye out for future episodes on The Scituation’s Instagram @thescituation