Behind-the-Counter: The Weirdest Drinks You’ve Never Tried!


Anna Kelly, Opinion Editor

As the days grow longer and the sun shines warmer, our small town of Scituate enters the season of iced drinks: lattes, teas, lemonades, you-name-it! I work at a coffee shop called Lucky Finn, where I take (and make) drink orders. I’ve compiled a list of unique, delicious spring drinks through personal experimentation and coworker recommendations. There are lattes (espresso + milk), matchas (ground green tea leaves + milk), lemonades (lemon juice + sugar + water), and various teas for the adventurous caffeine connoisseur to try out. 

Mocha Strawberry Latte:

Mochas, with their different flavor pairings, are a favorite year-round. In the winter, combine chocolate and peppermint for the renowned “peppermint mocha.” In the summer, the lesser-known “mocha strawberry” takes over. Typically, you’ll order this drink iced—for a “chocolate strawberry” vibe—and with oat milk (my personal favorite is the non-dairy option.) 

How to Order: An (iced or hot) mocha with (whole, skim, oat, or almond) milk and strawberry, please! 

Lavender Vanilla Latte:

Lavender flavoring, with its various pairings, is a rather new phenom in the coffee world. It creates a light, floral taste, and when combined with vanilla, it tastes like a sweet spring flower. This is one of my favorite recommendations when people want to try something new—especially in the spring! 

How to Order: An (iced or hot) latte with (whole, skim, oat, or almond) milk and lavender and vanilla, please!

White Chocolate-Lavender Matcha Latte :

This is definitely one of the more…adventurous items on this list. Matcha with chocolate is something I would never have tried if I didn’t trust my dear coworker so much. As usual, she was right. Adding white chocolate and lavender to a matcha latte creates a heavier, sweeter taste, with the latter adding its typical floral notes. While I still prefer my matcha with coconut and vanilla, this is a delicious flavor combo to add to the docket! 

How to Order: An (iced or hot) matcha latte with (whole, skim, oat, or almond) milk and white chocolate, and lavender, please!

Flavored Lemonade: Raspberry, Pomegranate, Blueberry, Strawberry, Lavender:

Lemonade is a classic warm-weather drink with lemon juice, simple syrup, and water. To spruce it up a bit, fruity flavorings are a cult-favorite addition. Personally, I love strawberry lemonades, but raspberry, pomegranate, blueberry, and lavender are also popular choices!

How to Order: A lemonade with (Raspberry, Pomegranate, Blueberry, Strawberry, or Lavender), please!