Senior Profile: Shawn-Patrick McGuiggin


Shawn-Patrick McGuiggin aspires to play hockey at the college level

Ava Easterly, Staff Writer

Shawn-Patrick McGuiggin, referred to by many as “Shawnie P,” is tackling his fourth and favorite year at Scituate High School: his senior year.  

With a school experience warped by Covid, McGuiggin is enjoying a “normal” and more relaxed year. Having taken many courses over the years, McGuiggin has decided his all-time favorite course is Statistics with SHS mathematics teacher Jamie Ford. Taking the class this year as a senior, he loves the balance between work and play.

In his free time, McGuiggin enjoys playing hockey on his club team and helping out with youth hockey–serving as a coach for his younger brother’s team. McGuiggin has aspirations to continue his hockey career–with collegiate hockey being his end goal. 

Selected as a school leader for the SHS Principal’s Advisory Council, McGuiggin mentors SHS freshmen in addition to advising the administration and addressing school issues. Being selected for this council is one of McGuiggin’s proudest accomplishments from his time at SHS. 

McGuggin also loves spending time with friends and family. McGuiggin and his close friend, SHS senior Daniel DeCoste, went on a trip to South Carolina with their families, which was his favorite vacation. 

After graduating from SHS in the spring, McGuiggin hopes to be playing college hockey and having a good time.