SHS Launches a New App


SHS senior Jamieson Hodlin uses the SPS app to stay informed about school events

Michael James, Staff Writer

Scituate Public School District has moved to a new website. The new center for all information on Scituate public schools can be found at . An app has also been created to allow members of the community to stay updated on events and important dates in the school system. I recently sat down with Superintendent Burkhead to ask him about the changes.

Some people are asking why the district needed a new website. Students, parents, and staff have been overheard complaining about the transition from the old domain to the new one. One disgruntled junior stated that the new website is “useless and unnecessary.” The student found that the new website had many links that would simply tell him that the link was “incomplete.” 

The previous district website did not have any apparent issues that needed to be fixed immediately, but there was room for a more user-friendly interface to be created. The new website and app will offer a more user-friendly interface. The app will allow the school system to send messages directly to anyone who has the app downloaded. It will streamline the process of making district-wide announcements while creating an easy-to-access hub for all things Scituate. 

After selecting the SPS school you attend, the app has two main pages: a home feed and a calendar. The home feed is filled with pictures that are linked to short articles about recent happenings at that school. These range from school events to recognition for successful students and athletes. 

The calendar section of the app has both an upcoming and an overall section. The upcoming activities are listed day-by-day, while the overall announcements are shown in a calendar. The major benefit offered by the new SPS app is the ease of access that the community has to the schedule. If you open the app right now, you can see a test of the emergency notification system that is being implemented into the app.

The new website is still under construction, but Superintendent Burkhead hopes it will be fully functional by the end of this school year. A dedicated team of Scituate High School tech specialists have been working with a third-party company to create the app and website. 

All students are encouraged to download and utilize the SPS app to their advantage. It is available now in the app store, so go and check it out!