Spotlight on Mia Brewster-Smith

SHS Alumni Spotlight

2019 SHS graduate Mia Brewster-Smith is making the most of her life’s journey and experiencing different cultures overseas in London, England. Brewster-Smith’s family lived in London when she was a child, and the city is a second home to her. She always wanted to revisit her first home and eventually move back to pursue her college education.

Brewster-Smith enjoyed her years at Scituate High School, saying she “had really good friends” who she’s “still best friends with to this day.” Complimenting her teachers, Brewster-Smith felt she got to know them “more than just on a teacher level,” saying that “doesn’t really happen in college because the classes are so big they barely even recognize your face.”

Returning to London for higher education worked out well for Brewster-Smith, as college is less expensive in Europe, and it only took three years to earn her degree. Currently attending the University of Greenwich and studying international business and French, Brewster-Smith just submitted her dissertation (thesis) on April 6th and finished classes on April 8th. Scheduled to graduate in July 2022, she is thankful for the opportunities she was given in London.

During the college admissions process, Brewster-Smith toured numerous campuses in the United States. She applied to schools on “both sides of the pond” because she wasn’t sure where she wanted to pursue her degree. However, after touring the University of Greenwich in February of her senior year, she immediately knew it was the school for her, and she began to sort out loans.

Two weeks before classes started, Brewster-Smith flew to England. While staying with her grandmother, she shopped for everything she would need and moved into her dorm shortly before classes started. Because she holds a British passport, Brewster-Smith didn’t need a student visa.

When asked what advice she would give current SHS students, Brewster-Smith cited “time management”: “It is so important to have good time management, and high school definitely helped me learn how to structure my day and balance school, social, and work life.” Brewster-Smith added, “In college, you gain so much independence and don’t have teachers to walk you through every assignment, so try to learn how to do things on your own gradually, so it doesn’t hit you all at once, once you get here.”

Describing her amazing support system back home, Brewster-Smith said her father, Steve Smith, a Grammy Award-winning musician, is one of her biggest inspirations: “When he was in high school, no one thought he would ever make it in music, and that he was wasting his time.” She added, “He persevered with it, worked really hard, made a name for himself, and proved them all wrong.” Brewster-Smith said, “Despite what anyone says, it only matters what you do for yourself.”

After graduation, Brewster-Smith plans to move to France so she can become fluent in the language.