Dwyer’s Dedication Uplifts SHS


Grace Dousa and Anna Kruggel

Once you meet SHS health and wellness teacher Jaime Dwyer, she will undoubtedly become one of your favorite people. Dwyer teaches a variety of health classes and has a homeroom of juniors. According to junior Lindsey Hausmann, her classes are very engaging, as she can “connect to students, making a fun and interactive class.”

Many aspects of Dwyer’s classes–such as hands-on activities and “exciting attendance questions”–make students look forward to going to her classes. In addition, Dwyer’s warm personality helps students feel “like they’re talking to a friend,” which is a crucial aspect of students feeling comfortable in their classrooms. 

Homeroom student Sorina Condon has known Dwyer throughout the years and feels as though she’s a “mother figure” to her homeroom, providing support and “personal advice.” According to Condon, Dwyer is always able to answer students’ questions and is willing to help in any situation. Condon said Dwyer helped her pick out her prom shoes this year, contributing to her “supportive” teaching style. 

Although Dwyer is a well-known teacher at Scituate High School, many students don’t know about her impressive achievements. A highly dedicated and motivated person, when asked to share something she was proud of, Dwyer responded, “I ran the Boston Marathon.” Dwyer described this milestone as a “humongous accomplishment,” as she always enjoys being active, just like when she attended Quincy High School. 

As a high school student, Dwyer was an exceptional student-athlete, playing three sports–volleyball, track, and basketball–during her high school career. In fact, she won the “Girls Women and Sports Athlete” award in high school. Dwyer has always loved sports and continued to pursue athletics in college, playing volleyball at UMass Lowell. When asked if she would change something about her decision to play volleyball at the college level, Dwyer said, “I could never have seen myself going to college and not playing a sport. That’s all I did.” 

Today, Dwyer is one of the most respected teachers at Scituate High School. As coworker Jennifer Wade-Baker says, “Dwyer is “very passionate about her subject matter” and “she wants kids to do well and be healthy both mentally, physically and emotionally.” Dwyer is always taking on new challenges, such as being the junior class advisor. Wade-Baker says, “I know she’s been working really hard at that,” noting that she took on the challenge because “she loves the kids.” Wade Baker described Dwyer as someone she has “enjoyed working with,” saying she has always “admired her and their friendship.” Dwyer continues to maintain her healthy lifestyle as an amazing health teacher who inspires everyone around her.