Julia Hoyt Inspires Students and Promotes Global Citizenship

Sarah Snow, Staff Writer

When the pandemic first hit in 2020, the entire SHS community suffered, as it was forced to adjust to changing responsibilities and learning models. SHS Spanish teacher Julia Hoyt, new to the SHS staff that year, inspired hope and optimism during this period of strong uncertainty, and she has remained one of the school’s most admired teachers. Currently, Hoyt teaches two courses at the high school: Spanish 3 and Spanish Culture and Film.   

Known for being vivacious, caring, and enthusiastic, Hoyt is a notable addition to the school community, as her spirit exemplifies what it means to be inspiring and encouraging. Hoyt understands the importance of hard work and consistency, but she also values the mental well-being of her students, creating a classroom environment that is both productive and positive. 

Born and raised in North Weymouth, MA, alongside her older brother and sister, Hoyt said education has always been an important part of her family life–especially since her mother and sisters are teachers as well. 

After graduating from Weymouth High School, Hoyt attended the University of Iowa, majoring in Spanish. Describing her time there as “the best four years” of her life, Hoyt said she met her best friends and received an “excellent education.” During her junior year, Hoyt lived in Spain, where she continued her studies and taught English to local Spanish children. This experience brought her a great deal of clarity, as she became certain she wanted to make teaching a life-long career. 

Hoyt says her favorite aspect of teaching has always been the “ability to connect with students”: “It’s one of the things I cherish most in life,” she said.  In class, Hoyt greets her students with a big smile, a genuine acknowledgment of their presence, and a personal check-in that always feels authentic. All of these efforts make classwork feel more natural and enjoyable, and inspire motivation for the day ahead. 

Beyond teaching her students a new language, Hoyt describes some of her overarching goals as helping Spanish students “become better global citizens, pushing them to become more aware of other cultures, and inspiring them to extend themselves beyond the classroom walls.”