Senior Sleigh Ride Spotlights Jeremy Guyette

Jeremy Guyette brings his passion for political science to the Senior Sleigh Ride


Mary Stevenson

Jeremy Guyette aspires to be a lawyer

Jake Linnell, Scituation Club Writer

One of Santa’s very best helpers, Jeremy Guyette, joins the Scituation Senior Sleigh Ride today. Known as one of the top pizza delivery drivers for Harbor House of Pizza, Jeremy spreads cheer throughout Scituate on a regular basis. 

A hard-working, dedicated student, Jeremy elevates the academic vibe of all his classes. Drawn to political science, Jeremy is planning to pursue his dream of becoming a lawyer and is seriously considering a rigorous pre-law program at Seton Hall University in South Orange, New Jersey. 

History classes ranked among Jeremy’s favorites at SHS; however, he is thankful for the study skills he gained from taking challenging math and science courses. In particular, he found AP Chemistry with Kasey Kimball to be his most difficult course. Saying he learned excellent study skills because it was “the only way to get through it,” the course stretched Jeremy out of his academic comfort zone. Similarly, Jeremy enjoyed Honors Precalculus with Jonathon Schindler–despite the feeling he expressed about the subject: “Math isn’t for me.” Praising Schindler’s teaching style, Jeremy described him as “very relatable.” “Rather than talking at you, he was good at speaking with students and connecting with them,” he explained.

Outside the classroom, Jeremy is a member of the SHS Swim Team. Excelling in the 110-yard breaststroke, Jeremy also serves as the team’s manager. With the spring rugby season on the horizon, Jeremy is considering joining the team for his third season; however, he may focus his efforts on the SHS History Bowl Team, which was founded last spring by SHS senior Elizabeth Larkin. Currently, Jeremy is in the process of starting a high school branch of the nationwide Democratic Socialist of America Club, which emphasizes political education and community service. Having previously volunteered with Cradles to Crayons, an organization dedicated to enhancing resources for children in the Boston area, Jeremy is hoping to continue these efforts.

The winter holiday season is a special time for Jeremy’s family, but his favorite holiday is actually a spring celebration, Greek Easter. With strong family connections in Greece, Jeremy, who is fluent in Greek, enjoys the traditional foods and games associated with this occasion. Tsougrisma, a game that involves cracking eggs that have been dyed red, is his favorite Easter tradition. 

Considering Jeremy comes from a large, supportive family, it’s no surprise that he chose his sister, Sophia, a 5th grader attending Wampatuck Elementary School, to join him on the Senior Sleigh Ride. “She’d get a real kick out it,” he commented.

When asked what Santa could bring this year, Jeremy said “a free ride” — to the colleges on his list, of course!