Senior Sleigh Ride Spotlights Billie Grimshaw

Billie Grimshaw brings the spirit of volunteerism to the Senior Sleigh Ride


Mary Stevenson

Billie Grimshaw is interested in starting her own bakery

Caroline Shinney , Scituation Club Writer

Known for her conscientious and kind personality, Bille Grimshaw is a perfect senior to round out the Senior Sleigh Ride this year. Her efforts to better the community in Scituate and across the United States are ideal examples of Santa and the holiday spirit. 

A member of the National Honor Society, Billie is an exceptional student. Although her hardest class was AP Biology with Jennifer Last, her favorite class was her freshman year English class with Karen Naylor. 

Looking back on her time spent at SHS, Billie finds “football games, basketball games, winter concerts, and playing for varsity soccer on the senior night” some of her most memorable moments. After she graduates, Billie hopes to leave a lasting impression on future students as kind and “accepting of everyone,” which she is surely on track to accomplish. 

Highly involved in extracurriculars, Billie is a part of the soccer team, basketball team, spring track, anti-racism club, she plays the trumpet for the SHS band, and she is a member of DECA. 

In fact, in her DECA class this year, she was presented with an opportunity to complete a year-long project, in which she chose to take the community service route. After Hurricane Ida hit in September of 2021 and created heartbreaking damage to a lot of the southern states, Billie was inspired to help in any way she could. 

After researching school districts in Louisiana that were hit hardest by the hurricane, Billie landed on one: Terrebonne Parish in Louisiana. After getting in touch with the school district, Billie set up a fundraiser at SHS to collect school supplies, which would later be shipped down to Louisiana. The fundraiser was extremely successful: Billie collected 8 tissue boxes, 4 boxes of crayons, 6 boxes of markers, 4 packs of pens, 5 packs of glue sticks, 3 notebooks, 13 packs of antibacterial wipes, and 5 binders.  

Many people might not know that Billie has been a part of the Girls Who Code club in Boston, which encourages girls to learn to code and go into STEAM careers–specifically the computer science field. A club that is organized throughout colleges across the country, Billie attends meetings through Northeastern University, in Boston, MA. 

After graduating from SHS, Billie plans on attending college to study business. After college, Billie aspires to open a bakery to sell baked goods, a favorite hobby of hers. Billie’s favorite thing to bake is “either cupcakes or cookies.”

If Billie could bring anyone on a sleigh ride with her, she would bring her family because “they would be funny on a sleigh ride” together.