An Official Welcome to SHS for Ms. Hayden!


Sarah Snow, Staff Writer

There is an influx of new teachers this year at SHS, and among them is English teacher Courtney Hayden—a driven, well-rounded, and incredibly kind individual. Though this will not be her first year teaching at SHS, the 2021-22 school year marks Hayden’s first year as an official faculty member. Her positive attitude, combined with her engaging teaching methods, make her an exceptional addition to the SHS community. 

Exposed to the world of teaching at a young age by her mother, Hayden knew she wanted to be a teacher from the get-go. While attending Cardinal Spellman High School, a private school located in Brockton, Hayden had an exceptional AP English teacher who furthered her desire to pursue teaching even more.

“I knew I wanted a job where I could interact with students,” said Hayden, as she explained why she aspires to be a role model for young thinkers. After high school, Hayden went on to Stonehill College, where she majored in English and double-minored in secondary education and dance. Today, she teaches three sections of English II and two sections of AP Literature.

Hayden’s passion for educating the next generation shines through in her everyday work. Her classes never disappoint, as she can make a simple topic unusually captivating. According to Hayden, “just being able to have meaningful discussions with young adults about amazing books” is her favorite part of teaching. It is evident that she is passionate not only about teaching but also about English, in particular. Hayden commented, “A lot of English is about being confident in your own skills and being able to defend your own opinion. Those skills carry over into the real world.” Hayden’s commitment to the subject and to her students is exceptionally strong, making her an amazing English teacher. 

While Hayden is focused on the curriculum, her main goal is to “always foster positive relationships and a safe classroom environment.” Upon walking into her classroom, students feel an immediate sense of inspiration, as Hayden decorates her classroom with positive affirmations, vibrant colors, and motivating posters.

Hayden especially loves the culture here at SHS because she finds “students, teachers, and family members alike all seem to have very positive relationships,” and she is thrilled to have the opportunity to be a part of the community. Hayden is also so excited about this school year because we are finally all together again. She noted, “The energy in the building is already so high,” furthering Hayden’s enthusiasm for the year even more.