Adventures in Birding

Field Trip to Manomet is always a highlight


Bridget Nicolo

Ornithology students visited Plymouth on Thursday, Oct. 7th

Bridget Nicolo, Staff Writer

Steve Maguire’s B Block Ornithology class took a field trip on Thursday, October 7th. Students traveled to Plymouth to visit Manomet, INC, a non-profit bird observatory and banding lab. Here, they were able to see over 20 new species of birds from all over the world. Many of the birds had flown in from Canada and stopped to rest before migrating to South America. Some of the students’ favorite sightings included the Eastern Bluebird and Blackpoll Warbler. 

At Manomet, students were able to take what they’ve learned about bird identification and apply it to some real-world situations as the scientists guided them around the observatory. 

The field trip to Manomet is always a highlight of the Ornithology class and students were glad they had the opportunity to visit this year.