Senior Harbor Academy Helps Seniors Stay on Track

Haley Dockendorff, Staff Writer

This year is certainly not an easy one–especially for seniors. Between the hybrid school schedule, college applications, or future plans–and the inevitable case of senioritis–it can be hard to keep up with school work. This year, the SHS administration has recognized the struggle and come up with a solution–the Senior Harbor Academy. This is a support group made up of several teachers, including Greg Ranieri (Department Chair/PE/Health/Business), Tammy Rundle (Director of Counseling), Jen Lopes (Adjustment Counselor), Peter Umbrianna (Athletic Director), and the SHS administrative team. 

The goal of the Senior Harbor Academy is to help facilitate a small group of seniors who agree to attend daily, in-person, ten-minute check-ins, which start at 8:00 a.m. Breakfast is also available for these students. Cohort C students who are fully remote attend daily virtual meetings at 8:00 a.m. and breakfast is available for pick up. Study halls are an important part of this program, as Harbor Academy students use this time to complete important assignments with the assistance of an adult. 

Harbor Academy students benefit from individualized learning plans as needed in order to help them graduate on time with the rest of their peers. Teachers support the program by working closely with students and offering individual assistance. For all seniors who may be struggling with their classwork, this is a great opportunity to make sure they stay on the right track toward graduation after these four years of hard work.