Have You Tried Using a Disposable Camera?


Sydney Washburn, Staff Writer

Disposable Cameras provide a nostalgic twist to your average photo. Especially in our generation–when everything is done within seconds on your iPhone–having a physical camera adds a refreshing and unique aspect to any photograph that makes the pictures and memories more personal.
The cameras are super simple to navigate and easy to find. After you snap a picture to capture a moment you want to remember, you just rewind the film. Whether the photo is taken with or without flash, you can use up the 27 photos on film and drop it off at your nearest available location for it to be developed two weeks later.
The photos are then available to you in a physical copy, so you can keep them in an actual album rather than one on your phone, which I personally find has more value and importance. Additionally, you can upload them to your camera roll to share with friends and family as they provide you with a CD.
Nowadays, people worry too much about capturing the perfect photo rather than capturing and seizing the moment in general. With these cameras, you have one take. So, it ends up being a super memorable and original way to capture people living in the moment. The imperfection within the photos makes them unique and allows them to resonate on a deeper level. Not to mention, the pictures have a vintage look and style to them that’s starting to trend again… so hop on the bandwagon and use these cameras to snapshot moments with friends and family that phone cameras don’t do justice toward.
This summer, my friends and I used disposable cameras, and we all agreed these photos were more memorable and exciting than the ones taken on iPhones. The anticipation while they were being developed, combined with the surprise of each image, allowed us all to reflect upon and remember the moments from when the photos were taken. We all agree that we want to use the cameras again this summer.
I also decided to bring a camera to my grandparents’ house for the holidays. When I used the camera and got the photos developed, I was super satisfied with the results and could have the physical pictures in my room to look back on. I strongly recommend this method of photography, and think it should be promoted!
Additionally, if you are concerned about the environment and worried about your waste footprint, they’ve invented reusable disposable cameras, so you don’t have to worry about the trash that the cameras produce. There is also an app on the app store which provides a similar experience and produces photos of the same style, but it is done on your phone.
By utilizing disposable cameras rather than your iPhone, you can save your photos and keep the memories with you as you journey through life.