Senior Year…How Will It End?

Student Government strives to promote unity for class of 2021


Allison Seidel and Halle McCormack

Senior year–a time to celebrate and reflect on all the hard work that you have put into school over the last 12 years. A time to spend with the classmates you have grown up with. A time to spend with your friends and family before you graduate and officially become alumni. All of these aspects of senior year are something that the class of 2021 has been looking forward to since they started high school. Unfortunately, with the major impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, things are looking a little different for the remainder of this school year. With the current state of the pandemic in our community, it is likely that many of the traditions that seniors have experienced in the past will have to be changed to cooperate with guidelines or be canceled. With that being said, there is still hope that something positive will come out of this unprecedented year. There is no doubt that things will be significantly different this year than in years past, but members of the class of 2021 are still hopeful for what is to come. 

Senior Class President Grace Scott remains optimistic “despite the unprecedented COVID regulations.” Scott commented, “I am confident that we can still create unique opportunities for our senior class to have a great final year at SHS.” The student government is dedicated to providing a positive experience for the multitude of possibilities that the year brings, which is a difficult task. In the time being, they continue to promote a state of togetherness as an entire class, and “raise school spirit,” Scott says. One way the student government is promoting spirit is through a nominated “Senior of the Week,” posted on the Class of 2021 Instagram, @Scituate2021.

Jack Wilcox, the senior class vice-president, added, “Right now, we are working with the administration to coordinate a Senior Parade, as well as a Senior Picnic during the springtime.” Obviously, there are multiple events that seniors are usually expecting, but many of these events are almost impossible to recreate while following the current COVID-19 guidelines.  To stay connected with student government’s upcoming plans, make sure you check “Class of 2021” Google Classroom and attend the Google meetings to voice your opinions.

Mason Wasserman, a senior class representative, wants to see “a graduation that happens in person” when each senior “can hopefully have family members in attendance.” Wasserman is cautiosly hopeful but also knows this won’t be a traditional celebration for the graduating class. Chloe Vitali, another senior class representative, came up with an idea that could definitely be proposed to administration and class advisors: “I think there should be a week where all the seniors could come back to school, maybe for our last week of school.” Basically, her idea would compose of the senior class returning to school for a week while the rest of the grades are remote, giving the senior class a chance to be all together before leaving SHS. 

Although senior year has its uncertainties, it is important for students to remain optimistic about the rest of their time at SHS. With the future being unknown, there is still no doubt that the Class of 2021 will leave a lasting mark on Scituate High School.