Top Holiday Gifts for 2020

Delaney Sandner, Staff Writer

Every year the top gifts change, as people’s tastes evolve and the world around them changes.  So what are the latest craves of 2020? 

Many students at SHS asked for clothes and new technology this holiday season. Some students asked for new phones and computers since technology has become an integral part of our lives.  A large majority of teenagers have some sort of device where they can access social media and communicate with others. This causes a huge jump of students to ask for new devices that are faster, better, and overall newer. For example, the new iPhone 12, which was recently released.  Some students were also eager to receive new computers. With much of the school day taking place online, having a fast computer is necessary for success. Besides the popular requests for new electronics, students also asked for smaller items, including new clothing or items to supply them with relaxation.  

With 2020 being filled with unknown, stressful situations, students are pushed to come up with tools to deal with this stress. Some people wanted a couch or TV to act as “destressers” in their lives. Some students have also thought about receiving handheld massagers or face masks to create a peaceful atmosphere. 

With the ongoing fashion trends changing, this has also caused students at SHS to request the new, “hot” trends. About 75% of SHS students asked for new clothes during this past holiday season. Shoes and accessories are another popular request at SHS. Lots of students asked for some of the hottest new shoes such as Doc Martins, Air Jordans, and Nike Air Maxes.  These brands come out with new styles each year making it hard to keep up.

Overall, students asked for the new crazes and styles to make their 2020 a memorable year. Every student wants to be in with the new trends and the holiday season allows their wishes to come true, as it a time a giving and receiving with those you love and care about.