Students’ Perspectives on Snow Days

Allison Seidel, Staff Writer

As the winter season approaches, one aspect of the chilly weather always comes to mind: snow days. Snow days have become an annual way to relax and watch movies while drinking hot cocoa to celebrate the day off. But, with the development of remote learning, what will the new snow days look like? Will we have classes? Will we have a day off? All these questions have yet to be answered as winter storms creep up on the South Shore.

Students at Scituate High School are looking for some answers regarding snow days; in fact, many students enjoyed their day off during the recent Nor’Easter. After receiving many responses in a survey from students in all grades at SHS, it is clear that there is a strong leaning toward a traditional snow day rather than a remote-learning day. Over 70% of students voted in favor of keeping a traditional snow day filled with watching movies and baking cookies. Along with the variety of ages that completed this survey, the seniors at SHS topped off the answers with the desire for more snow days–most likely because they don’t have to make them up at the end of the year. Students in 9th, 10th, and 11th grade will have to make up the days in June; however, with the decrease in the number of school days this year, some students might be excited to spend some more time in the building. 

When asked about their favorite activities to do on snow days, the majority of students indicated they like sleeping in and watching movies. Students would rather choose to relax and utilize their day off to the best of their ability while hoping the winter will go more smoothly than the past few months have gone. 

As the winter kicks off with a strong start, SHS students will continue to look forward to traditional snow days once in a while in the hopes of making 2021 a year with more positive outcomes. With the difficulties of 2020, the idea of a snow day filled with relaxation and family time brings hope for the winter of 2021.