New Experience at SHS for Exchange Student

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New Experience at SHS for Exchange Student

Jack Kimball, Staff Editor

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For George Sun, attending an American high school was an easy decision. The Chinese foreign exchange student has longed for an opportunity to study abroad in the United States and finally had the chance to do so this year. Mentioning his desire to travel the world as a big reason why the US was an attractive destination, George made it his goal to attend Scituate High School for his senior year. 

George described himself as “a person who enjoys different cultures, different people, and, more importantly, getting to know more friends.” He also loves cars and is a huge sneakerhead.

Although Scituate was very foreign to George, the United States was not. In fact, George has traveled to Japan, England, and Canada. He has also visited many states from California to Alaska. George said he previously had a basic concept about the United States, but one thing that changed his view has been how happy the people are. He admires the happiness of the country.

George’s experience in Scituate has been nothing short of tremendous. Citing his host father’s waffles and his 2000 manual BMW as big reasons why he has enjoyed his time here so far, George also enjoys his classes at the high school. The teaching methods in the United States was a large reason why George decided to study abroad in the US. Mr. Scopoletti’s short story class has been George’s favorite in high school, as he loves to use words to present himself in all different languages. He plans on staying in the US for college as well, as he has already been accepted to schools in New York.

George has been adamant that there is really nothing he would change about his daily schedule. “Chinese kids have 15 hour school days, so I don’t have anything to complain about waking up early! So far, I can’t think of anything I want to change.”

If you happen to miss George walking around the halls of SHS, you will probably see him at the end of Scituate’s bench during basketball games. George is one of the team managers and does everything from getting the gym ready for gameday to filming games for the team. He has also learned a lot about the sport, as before he had only really played pick-up with friends. 

Despite missing the food in China, George has thoroughly enjoyed his time studying abroad at SHS. To George, the people around him throughout this journey is the most important thing to remember. Graduation will be an exciting day, but George likes to believe it is the people, and not the ceremony itself, that will be the most memorable part for him.