Yeah, Basically These Guys are the Future of SHS

Hannah Sylvester and Mia Peterson

What do you want to be when you grow up?” Although many SHS seniors have been answering this recurring question since kindergarten, they are currently making difficult decisions that will, in fact, influence their career choices as they choose majors, programs, and colleges. Recently, two of Scituate High School’s current seniors, Jack Sanchez and Hayden Startzell, have teamed up to create “Yeah, Basically Productions,” which represents exactly what they want to do when they grow up–which is happening basically now. 

When asked to explain what their business entails, Sanchez sums it up effectively: “We make stuff because we want to… basically.” Sanchez and Startzell plan to organize events (SPOILER: Possibly team up with the drama club!!) and create their own clothing brand. Impressed yet? Well, on top of all that, they are planning to release a TV-pilot! 

The ambitious power duo basically wanted a synced name with the projects they create. Their brand name, “Yeah, Basically,” serves as an “umbrella category” for all of their desired creations. If they think of a project they want to do, they now have a brand name to slap onto that project. Having one name to fund their projects, they hope to make their dreams a reality. Hoping to sell tickets to events and clothing products, they can raise money for their projects, such as their upcoming TV-series and skit night. 

Inspired by Tyler, the Creator’s clothing line, GOLF WANG, which was created by Tyler, the Creator himself, making clothes only he imagined, Sanchez says he hopes to “make clothes that I’ll be wearing, and if others wear them, that’d be awesome.” Sanchez and Startzell strive to inspire others through their creative endeavors, similar to the way they have been inspired and motivated to create something of their own brand. 

Both Sanchez and Startzell hope to study Entertainment Business and eventually meet up after college, join forces once again and expand their production company. Sanchez dreams of becoming a producer to help small companies “blossom into realities.” Sanchez and Startzell dream of a day when they “find kids in our current position someday in the future and help their dreams come true.” 

With their determination, Sanchez and Startzell are likely the future entrepreneurs of SHS. 

Follow @yeahbasicallyproductions on Instagram to witness Sanchez and Startzell’s dream, “blossom into reality.”