Seniors Last Hoorah!

Seniors make plans to live it up during the summer before they leave for college

Maggie O'Donnell and Morgan Seghezzi

In the final months before they depart for college, SHS seniors are making plans for a memorable summer. Although Scituate is known for its beautiful beaches, many students are traveling elsewhere to enjoy incredible sights. For many students, these trips are a reward for the hard work they’ve put in over the past four years.

As a graduation gift, Kaitlynn Washburn, will be traveling to France with her mom and her aunts. She really “has no clue” exactly what they’re doing, but she is looking forward to the surprise!

Matt Foley, who is heading to the University of Tampa this fall, will be spending his entire summer working on the British Virgin Islands. Continuing his work from last summer, Foley will be studying marine biology while tagging turtles and scuba diving.

Traveling to her grandparents’ summer home in Ireland, Charlotte Falvey is looking forward to spending time with family. She said, “It’s going to be cool and they love it so much.” Next year, she’ll be five hours away at Fordham University, so Falvey said it’ll be nice to spend that time with her grandparents.

Sure to be missing her family next year, Daisy Donovan is traveling to Costa Rica with her two little brothers and parents before she heads to Providence College in the fall.

Numerous students have plans to visit Florida over the summer. Friends Sarah Hyde (attending Elon University) and Caroline James (attending Bryant University) will be staying with family as they soak up the sun on Daytona Beach.

People are also optimistic for “spur of the moment” last hoorah trips as a parting memory. Some groups of friends are planning on going to Nantucket for a week or spending a weekend on Cape Cod.