Paige Lydon’s Style

Brigid Bonner and Erin Logan

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Trends are changing in 2019, style has changed, and teens at Scituate High School are embracing it. The styles in 2019 are inspired by celebrities’ fashion, but Paige Lydon, a junior at Scituate High School, has been showing off her style long before many celebrities. “I started getting into fashion around the start of sophomore year, and honestly, it all started when I got my first pair of mom jeans. It sounds ridiculous, but all of freshman year I only wore leggings because I never had found a pair of jeans I liked. This has changed quite a bit as I now wear jeans almost every day because they are pretty much my favorite article of clothing,” said Lydon.

Lydon portrayed her love for fashion while growing up. Every day Lydon manages to pull off a brand new outfit from hours of planning. “My favorite stores right now are probably Urban Outfitters, PacSun, Savers, and any other thrift stores. I love thrifting because you can find some really cool vintage items that no one else has,” she said. Celebrities are the number one influence for style and trends and Lydon is influenced by these trends surrounding social media. “Whenever I’m out, I look at strangers’ outfits for inspiration. I also watch a lot of fashion vloggers on YouTube because hearing their opinions on certain trends or just seeing what they’re into is really cool. I take inspiration from people everywhere I go and take bits and pieces from them and make them my own which I love doing,” Lyndon explained.

If you see Lydon around school, you might recognize her trendy outfits or shoes. Lydon has a wide assortment of all different shoes, each unique to her style. “I love fashion because it has not only given me a way to express myself, but it gives everyone that opportunity. There’s no right way to do fashion and I think that’s really cool because it lets people do whatever feels right for them,” said Lydon. “There are endless possibilities that you can do with fashion, and that’s why I think it’s so fun because it’s impossible to get bored. My style is constantly changing as I see new things and trends and I love that because I continue to push myself out of my comfort zone and try new things. I’ve found that this has made me much more confident because I dress in things that make me feel good l, and when I do this I feel powerful and less scared of what people think.”

Lydon plans to continue her love for fashion in the future and hopes it always holds a place in her life. “As of now, I don’t know exactly what I want for my future, but I definitely plan on looking into my options for fashion. I think going into the fashion industry would be amazing because there are endless opportunities within it. It’s definitely a very competitive and difficult industry, but I’d love to be a part of it, so I guess we’ll see.”

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