Mingels Takes Directorship at UMass Lowell

Beloved engineering teacher helped develop SHS engineering program

Ryan Frankel and Mia Snow

In November, Scituate High School engineering students said goodbye to their dedicated teacher and mentor: Brad Mingels moved on to UMass Lowell to become the Director of Academic Programs for the College of Engineering. His new position will focus on business development for the university — a significant opportunity for our beloved teacher.

Mingels’ impact on SHS cannot be overstated. There are a total of ten engineering classes offered at SHS, representing one of the most diverse high school engineering programs in Massachusetts. This is primarily due to Mr. Mingels’ tireless efforts.

Mingels credits his new career path to the engineering program he established at SHS, including his Thursday night classes. Although some students may cower in fear at the thought of a 21/2 hour class on a Thursday night, Mingels’ students report feeling invigorated and grateful to receive the time shared with him. Mingels even stated, “Usually at about 8:30 p.m. I’m the one that says, ‘Hey guys, we have to wrap it up.’ It’s awesome.”

Mingels’ Thursday night crew was the first group to hear about his career move, and he couldn’t be more proud of them. “They looked me in the eye and said, ‘If you thought we were going to be mad, you’re dead wrong. We’re happy for you. You deserve it,’” he said.  

Many SHS students share this sentiment, and they are extremely grateful for the work Mingels put into the engineering program and the school community. “Being in his class always makes my day,” said junior Darcy Milligan. Planning to study engineering in college, Milligan added, “He has such a valued, unique style of learning. He doesn’t just help us on skills to be an engineer, he teaches us about important life skills– that’s what makes him such a great teacher.”

Mingels is an exceptional teacher, and everyone sees it. He is exceedingly thankful for his work at SHS, so if you fear that you’ll never see Mr. Mingels again, you’re wrong. He will still be attending Thursday night engineering classes, because as he said, “You don’t build things to tear them down.”