AirPods–Overpriced, or worth the hype?

Kylene True, Staff Writer

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It’s no surprise that the hottest gift during this 2018 holiday was yet another groovy Apple product–AirPods.  As school has picked up, it’s easy to spot the countless students who walk the halls listening to music with their AirPods.  Whether it is during a study or at the gym, this latest Apple product has definitely made its debut. The question, however, is whether Apple AirPods are worth the hype or simply overpriced.

Retailed at $159 through the Apple store, these new earbuds are not cheap.  Thus, it is a good idea to weigh out the pros and cons before purchasing. The obvious appeal to these new earbuds is the Bluetooth capabilities, but aside from this, AirPods are capable of keeping a five-hour charge with a case of up to 24 hours of battery life.  Wires are now unnecessary, allowing one to charge their phone while listening to music.  

Students’ commentary on the latest Apple technology is overwhelmingly positive.  SHS senior Brennan Lynch says he likes how, as an Apple product, his earphones are “consistently connected” and cooperating swiftly with his phone.  Senior Abby Carnes notes that along with the ability to skip a song through the earphone directly, she “feels pretty cool” with Apple’s sleek design and function.  

The price of the AirPods and the worry of losing them seem to be the only downside that students see to this investment. Senior Brenna Lambert admits that while they would be easier to use while working out, they are “so much money and [she knows she] will lose” them.  Most students admit that while they “would never invest in them on [their] own,” they would be psyched to receive them as a gift.

In contrast, senior Charlotte Falvey said she “did not buy into Apple’s latest scheme” that seems to surround the majority of the teenage population in Scituate.  On social media, such as Instagram and Twitter, AirPods have become a widespread joke to shame those who wear them as stuck-up and spoiled. Brennan Lynch says that he is “consciously aware of people having this stigma” around AirPods.  Despite his appreciation for the generous gift, he noted that he cannot help but feel like a “privileged” kid due to the constant posts and mockery around them. It seems like the sole problem students have with this product is the negative image they portray.

Apple’s newest product appears to be very popular among teenagers at Scituate High School.  Students who are still deciding whether or not to invest in AirPods may consider whether this luxury is worth the money. Will the cord-less quality be a game changer to a new way of experiencing music?

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