Discover an Academic Sanctuary–Scituate Town Library

Town library study rooms provide quiet study space

Morgan Seghezzi, Staff Writer

Although the Town of Scituate finished renovating the library in the year 2017, some SHS students are just now discovering this incredible resource. In particular, the library quiet rooms are a big hit among high school students.

Each of the quiet study rooms is equipped with a table and four chairs, perfect for group projects or studying. SHS junior Adriana Cawley said, “I personally concentrated better when I was in the study rooms verses when I’m in my bed at my house.”

In fact, study rooms were designed to facilitate studying. The rooms are a quiet place for students to study individually or as a group. With the plain cream-colored walls and minimal distractions, students benefit from solitude so they can focus on school work.

As many students know, attempting to do school work at home can be extremely distracting–from TV shows to rambunctious siblings, there are plenty of opportunities to lose focus. According to Cawley, “Just go to the study rooms at the library.”

The Scituate Town Library provides an amazing escape. It’s a place where students can actually get work done and focus on their homework. The Scituate library is a sanctuary for academic studies.