SHS Seniors are Working, Studying, and Applying to College–How do they do it?


Morgan Seghezzi, Staff Writer

Many SHS students have to balance both school work and a part-time job. In fact, several SHS students work every day of the week. Exhausted from their school day and their shift at work, they still have to power through homework each night.

Senior Nerissa Fontes stated, “There are some days that I just don’t do my homework because I don’t have the energy after my late shift.” Senior Laurel Murphy said, “Babysitting is a full-time commitment–weekdays and weekends for endless hours.” She added, “I’ll be babysitting until 11:00 p.m. and not get home until 11:30 p.m.”

For SHS seniors, the college application process adds another consideration for time management. Completing applications, essays, and supplemental essays requires countless hours of attention.

For some students, there is simply not enough time in the day to do it all. So, how do working seniors have time to study, work, hang out with friends, apply to colleges, and get a good night’s rest? How do they manage it?

According to Fontes, routines are critical to time management. Creating patterns makes it easier to manage time and reduce stress. Fontes said, “I try to take a few minutes each day and plan out what I have to do that day and what can wait until the next day.” Fontes said having a study block is essential.

While taking easier classes does help reduce the workload, this strategy is not always in a student’s best interest. Taking harder classes means a larger workload, but this experience can build resilience and prepare students for life after high school. Senior Noelle Hayes said, “It’s hard to manage, but at the same time it makes you feel more productive.” Hayes added, “The checks are nice, too!”