Daily Press Juice Bar and Cafe will Fill Your Cravings

Kat English, Contributing Writer

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Finding something delicious, healthy, and convenient can see impossible around the area. Daily Press comes to the rescue to anyone who desires a quick smoothie or an entire salad. Located locally in Cohasset, Massachusetts, Daily Press is a juice bar and cafe to fit all your cravings with a healthy twist.

Devoted to producing delicious, raw cold-pressed juices, handcrafted smoothies, gourmet salads, sandwiches, and nutritious snacks, Daily Press has friendly employees who whip up daily creations. With comfortable and rustic seating for customers who want to lounge, as well as fast services for those who are on the go, this location is conveniently located off Route 3A at the Old Colony Square Plaza near the South Shore Athletic Club and commuter rail.

On the menu, nothing is lacking in health with cold pressed juices, smoothies, cleanses, and more to fill anyone’s thirst. To cope with hunger, there’s acai bowls, breakfast bowls, and even chai pudding and breakfast bars. For meals, Daily Press offers salads, soups, and sandwiches. The location also uses frozen fruit as the smoothie-base (instead of ice) in order to pack more nutrition into the beverages. Handily written under each item on the list is the ingredients, and employees will even alter items to meet your needs. According to Daily Press owner Tami Guiney, “It’s the purest, best produce we can create,” and the cafe lives by this with only the healthiest options.

With the choice of adding protein powder or superfood supplements like Moringa or Acai for $1, meals cost around $5 to $8, while juices or smoothies cost between $5 and $6. If you want fresh pressed juice right at home, but your life lacks the time and or resources to have these juices daily, you can order the six-juice organic cleanse for $60.

Whether you’re hopping off the commuter rail, sweating out after the gym, or just driving by Daily Press on Route 3A, this cafe and juice bar can fulfill hunger or thirst.




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Daily Press Juice Bar and Cafe will Fill Your Cravings