The Must-See Shows of The Scituate Drama Club


Drama Club members enjoy a break during their rehearsal

Jordan Gardner, Staff Writer

On this Friday and Saturday–November 18th and 19th–Scituate High School’s very own theater department is putting together their long-awaited shows, “Knock, Knock” and “When Bad Things Happen to Good Actors.” It’s safe to say this is an event you should clear your schedule for this weekend. 

“Knock, Knock” follows two delivery people and the wild customers they find behind the doors of their route. This show engrosses viewers, throwing them into the crazy lives of the two main characters.  It will have you falling out of your seat laughing. Expect the unexpected in “Knock, Knock,” as it is unlike anything the theater department has ever produced before. 

The second show of the night, “When Bad Things Happen to Good Actors,” takes the viewer through a new perspective of the theater world. The journey of a ridiculous, poorly-planned production of the “Wizard of OZ,” where absolutely everything seems to go wrong. This show is a breath of fresh air and a new cutting-edge standard for the SHS drama club.

Scituate’s theater department has worked countless hours on producing these shows. There are more than 30 SHS students from all grades involved who would love to see their hard work pay off. Clear your schedules, kick your feet up after a long hard week of work, and start your weekend off right by coming to see the two productions. You’re in for a special treat–and even a guest appearance (or two)!

The curtain goes up at 7:00 PM, and both shows are one act. Tickets can be purchased online before the show or at the door. 

A huge thanks to everyone in the drama club for helping out with this production–cast and tech alike, and a big thanks to their first-year director, SHS faculty member Elizabeth Clancy. 

And, of course, a huge shout-out to our very own graduating class of 2023 seniors: Caitlin Bruscino, Taylor Carty, Becca Grozier, Parker Johnson, Danny Lumnah, Kara McLaughlin, Mimi Minich, Maggie Murray, and Emma Riedel.