The Great Holiday Light Debate


Samantha Roman, Sports Editor / Staff Writer

There is a great holiday debate every year as to whether the colored or white holiday lights are better. There is a sleek and sophisticated look to the white lights, but the colored lights have a fun and loving look to them. The holiday season is a time filled with the spirit is glee; however, the fight between which colored lights looks best on the tree or house is a century-long debate.  

Today, we will end the debate. What holiday lights does the  Scituate High School like better, from staff and students?

For high school students who took a survey on their favorite lights, the majority of students voted that they liked white lights best in general. 86.8% of students chose white lights and 13.2% chose colorful lights. Many believe that white lights look more sophisticated and elegant. Those who voted for white lights said that colored lights look tacky and can be too much. Those who chose colored lights thought that they were more spirited and that white lights can look boring. 

Out of the teachers at SHS, 56.2% said that they liked the look of white light more, while 43.8% enjoyed the look of colored lights in general. This is a much smaller margin of difference in opinion. Although it is a close margin, white lights won the majority of teachers along with students. The aesthetic of white lights with the snow works well together, says William Seward. Teachers who chose colored lights said that it adds uniqueness and a colorful atmosphere for the most wonderful time of the year. 

The percentage of students who chose colorful lights grew from 7.9% when asked about the lights being outside to 15.8%. It had the opposite effect for teachers, 43.8% chose colorful lights for the outside of the house, and it decreased to 37.5% when asked about the lights being inside the house. 

Holiday lights are a staple for decorations, but there are also many decorations that make this season so special. When teachers and students were asked what their favorite holiday decoration was, the most picked decoration was the Christmas tree. Eight teachers and ten students said that their favorite decoration was a Christmas tree. The holiday season is about the traditions we create with family and friends and each of these is slightly different depending on the person. 

If you believe that colored lights are better than white lights, that doesn’t make your opinion any less valid. It just makes you wrong. Everyone is wrong sometimes, but the debate has ended and white lights have won. Although, remember that the decorations aren’t as important as the fun and loving feeling that the holiday season brings no matter what your preference is. Have a great holiday season and hope to see all the white lights outside and inside your houses!