Our 2021 Holiday Gift Guide


Levitate merchandise is a popular holiday gift chioce

Kelly Granatino, Staff Writer

Shopping for teens can be difficult, especially when their gift lists consist of high-ticket, expensive items such as iPhones and computers. For those gift-givers who are not willing to spend hundreds of dollars on a gift, but want to give meaningful gifts that the teens will enjoy, here are some ideas:

  • Yeti Tumbler:
    • A popular gift for all ages, a Yeti tumbler is something that many people don’t want to buy themselves but would love to receive. The tumblers are good quality, long-lasting, and dishwasher safe. They come in a variety of colors and many companies customize them as well.
  • Levitate Sweatshirt:
    • Support a local business and gift a Levitate sweatshirt. When in doubt, a sweatshirt is always a perfect gift, but deciding where to buy one can be difficult. Levitate is a local surf and skate shop in Marshfield, MA. The store is filled with great gifts, but the good quality, warm sweatshirts are sure to be the best gifts. They come in a variety of styles and colors with different designs. Levitate also has many other great gifts such as beanies, tees, and art.
  • Airpods:
    • AirPods–Apple’s wireless earbuds–is the perfect gift for anyone. Though the price tag is higher than other wireless earbuds, Airpods connect easily to all Apple devices and non- Apple devices as well. Airpods are perfect for listening to music, exercising, studying, and watching shows! Apple has three versions of Airpods; the originals, Airpods 2nd Generation, Airpods Pro, and Airpods 3rd Generation. Though all three are very similar, the prices between the three differ, so, depending on how much you want to spend, choose the Airpods that best fit your price range.
  • JBL Speaker:
    • A speaker is a practical but creative gift for teens. Teens often forget that they “want” a speaker until they realize they don’t have one. JBL speakers are lightweight, waterproof, and have great sound. JBL has many different variations of speakers but I recommend the JBL Flip 5.
  • Ugg Slippers:
    • The 2010 trending Uggs seem to be making a reappearance this year. Ugg is famous for their Ugg Boots, but their slippers are great for everyone! Though they are a little pricey, the slippers are comfy, warm, good quality, and great for the winter months.