Looking Ahead to April Break


Exploring beaches in neighboring towns is a fun spring break activity

Allison Seidel, Staff Writer

Most people look forward to April break, as it is a time to spend the week in Florida, look at colleges, and just hang out with friends. But, in the midst of the pandemic, things are a little different. Although it will be nice to relax and sleep in, my main question is what will you spend a week and a half doing? Here is a guide to all things exciting that will keep you occupied during the upcoming spring break. 

April weather can be unpredictable in the town of Scituate. If it’s cold, there can a lack of things to do. Yes, you can keep driving around aimlessly through the different neighborhoods (Minot, Peggotty, and the Lighthouse), but that can eventually get boring. If you aren’t planning to go anywhere during April break, I can help with some activities that may make your week a little less boring. 

If you are looking to stay home, maybe you could try a new recipe for breakfast: avocado toast? French toast? Waffles? Look up different ideas on the internet and see what you can find. In fact, this could become a new favorite breakfast recipe that you will use from now on. Tired of rewatching Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix? Find a new show or movie to watch. Maybe you want to dive into the past and watch ICarly or focus on a crime show like Criminal Minds

If you are looking to go out, maybe you could find a new hiking trail somewhere on the South Shore. Turkey Hill in Cohasset or Wompatuck State Park in Hingham both offer opportunities to spend time outdoors. Maybe you could go into Boston and walk around Newbury Street or the Seaport District. If you are looking to spend some money, go treat yourself and visit one of your favorite clothing stores. You could also shop locally and go to the different stores in Scituate: Joye, Out of the Blue, and Cattivo might have something special for your spring wardrobe. 

Although it may seem like there are very few activities to do if you are staying home, you can always make your own fun. You just have to think outside the box.