Harry Styles’ Fine Line Offers a Different Look

One Directioners will enjoy Styles’ latest album

Ellie Foley and Ellen O’Donnell

On December 13, 2015, millions of people’s lives changed forever. On this day, One Direction performed on The X-Factor. This was their last performance before they decided to take a “temporary hiatus.” This hiatus has now lasted over four years. Within these four years, the five boys once known as One Direction have made extraordinary careers for themselves, and all of them have each released at least one solo album. 

Harry Styles, a member of One Direction, has released two albums since the band’s separation. His first album was self-named, Harry Styles. This album was a complete change in tone from his boy band days, and it gave his fans an almost completely different look at his range of musical talent. Styles took on a more rock approach in this album. His song “Kiwi” is considered one of the best modern rock songs of our generation. His single “Sign of the Times” has been rated number forty-nine on Rolling Stone’s “100 Greatest Songs of the Century.” 

On December 13, 2019, Harry Styles released his newest album, titled Fine Line. The main focus of this album was a “break-up” sort of feel, and the genre was mostly soft rock. The album starts with “Golden,” which is an upbeat song with a genuine message about the dependency on one person in your life. Next up on the album is “Watermelon Sugar,” which is one of the singles Styles released for this album. It became very popular very quickly and has a pop-rock feel to it. “Adore You,” another early released single, is based on a story of friendship and love. “Lights Up,” the first song Harry Styles released to reveal his album, became an instant hit. 

Styles also introduced two sad songs in the album: “Falling” and “Fine Line.” “Falling” is an emotional rollercoaster that relates to Styles’ recent breakup with model Camille Rowe. “Fine Line” highlights the break-up and subsequent connection that stays with a couple throughout their lives.

Harry Styles’ fans stem from One Directioners, who are notoriously loyal and supportive. These dedicated fans have always managed to get his songs on the top charts and support him regardless of his genre transition. Written and performed by one of the greatest performers of our generation, Fine Line will not disappoint Harry Styles’ fans.