Mary Poppins Returns Review

Erin Logan and Brigid Bonner

Mary Poppins Returns hit the box office right before Christmas, ensuring a perfect film for children and adults alike during the Holiday Season.

The movie, a sequel to the Mary Poppins that premiered in 1964, is set in 1930s London and returns to Michael and Jane Banks 25 years later after the original film. Micheal, who is recently widowed and has three outgoing young children, is amazed at the return of Mary Poppins after so many years. The movie follows the children as they experience the magic of Mary Poppins and all her old friends, as well as the race to save the Banks childhood home.

The thrilling new addition includes big names Emily Blunt and Lin Manuel Miranda starring as Mary Poppins and Jack the lamplighter. Other appearances include Julie Walters, Dick Van Dyke, Angela Lansbury, and Meryl Streep.

Mary Poppins has all the features that make a great sequel—details from the original film and a cast that includes new and old. It is truly a magical film filled with songs, dancing and the perfect Disney touch that is worth seeing at any time of the year.