Wicked Good–Take a Trip to NYC

Kylene True, Staff Writer

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What’s green, thrilling, and wicked all over?  The Broadway show “Wicked” meets these expectations but exceeds so many more.  The theatre drew me in immediately with its wooden decor and bright lights. From the get-go, I was in awe by the glistening costumes and intricate backdrops.  I saw the show in New York City with my family, and shockingly my two 20-year-old brothers enjoyed the show just as much as I did. I knew to go into it that the actresses would be amazing singers, but I did not know that I would be laughing hysterically at their clever lines.

Before going to the Broadway show, we went to the 9/11 Memorial and Museum.  The memorial was breathtaking in its overall structure and the meaning behind it.  The Museum was a powerful and unique use of the architecture of the original World Trade Center buildings.  Walking slowly through the halls filled with pictures and timelines, I was able to experience the sadness and pride that the photos represent.  I thought I knew the events of 9/11 before going to the museum, but I was able to understand the devastation and history on an amplified level.

If you find yourself in New York City, I would recommend anyone to go to the 9/11 Memorial and museum to indulge in the history of our nation.  For a different level of appreciation, the show “Wicked” was an exciting experience for families of all ages to enjoy. During my trip to NYC, we found a way to experience the history and excitement of the bustling city.  I am positive that this wonderful city will offer you a wicked experience!


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Wicked Good–Take a Trip to NYC