February Artist of the Month: Makena Winters

Cleo Lowrie, Staff Writer

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Freshman often go without recognition in the grand scheme of things during high school, but freshman Makena Winters has made an imprint on her peers and her art teacher, Sheryl Pace. Winters is currently taking Intro to Art with Pace, who could see from the beginning that Winters was “Devoted, enthusiastic, an overachiever in a way, she goes above and beyond.” Pace is particularly impressed with her 2-D work, mentioning her drawings, including the underappreciated daily drawings that she does at the beginning of class. These drawings are done each class with pen to eliminate erasing and to persuade her students that there are no mistakes, Winters has embraced this task and continues to impress Pace with her work.

Marina Glennon, a fellow freshman in her class, holds the same opinion as her art teacher, “She takes a lot of care and time on her work and it always comes out really nice.” Glennon can see that Winters is very talented, along with anyone else who happens to pass by her work in the art wing. 

While Pace doesn’t assign homework to her students, Winters still brings her sketch book home and is constantly asking how she can make her work better and is always looking for more projects to do. Pace stated, “as an art teacher, it is your dream to have a student say such things.”

Pace’s hope is that Winter’s will continue to take art classes at SHS and carry her strong, confident work with her onward to do greater things. She strongly believes that if Winters keeps up her enthusiasm, along with her talent and skill she already possess, she will be able to go onto an art school in the future.

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February Artist of the Month: Makena Winters