Sarah Irish
It can be tough being the youngest child in a large family, but 16-year-old Sarah Irish is stepping out from under the shadow of her three older siblings and approaching her junior year in full swing! With her free-spirited, outgoing personality, Sarah's opportunities seem endless.

Known for her skills on the lacrosse field, Sarah ended last season with an All-Star Award, a Golden Stick Award, and the Patriot Ledger All-Scholastic distinction. Dedicated to SHS athletics, she plays on three varsity teams--field hockey in the fall, ice hockey in the winter, and lacrosse in the spring. Sarah hopes to continue playing lacrosse at the college level.

Aside from athletics, Sarah has a passion for journalism and communications. She admires her mom and older sisters because they all majored in communications and pursued professional careers in the field. Nevertheless, Sarah says she wants to “carve her own path.”

Building on the skills she learned in her Intro to Journalism class, Sarah is looking forward to writing news and sports stories. Eventually, she would like to follow her family's legacy and work in communications. 

Sarah Irish , Staff Writer

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Sarah Irish