Madeleine Levesque
Senior Maddie Levesque is a prime example of what SHS students strive to be: outgoing, involved, and passionate about their goals. Throughout the past few years, Maddie has been running for the cross country team and stretching her creativity through different mediums in art classes. Most recently, she is learning more about equality and human rights through her involvement in Amnesty International and “Girl Up,” a club that is dedicated to supporting women around the world. 

Since she enjoys the writing process, Maddie believes Honors Journalistic Writing will be one of her favorite classes this year. While taking Intro to Journalism during her sophomore year, Maddie discovered her interest in current events and politics. She’s excited to delve into new subjects this year.

Outside the classroom, Maddie dedicates herself to being active, joining her dad on frequent runs through Wampatuck State Park. During the winter months, she also enjoys skiing and snowboarding. In addition, Maddie has volunteered at the Scituate Recreation Department and worked at their summer camp, Nautical Mile. 

Despite her busy schedule, Maddie is looking forward to starting a new journey: after high school, she hopes to major in liberal arts and work with an organization such as UNICEF. Maddie is determined to experience new cultures and spread positive change.


Madeleine Levesque, Staff Writer

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Madeleine Levesque