Scituate High School is full of passionate, dedicated students, and senior Jack Nelson (aka "Scholar") is a prime example. With a decorated academic career, Jack is a leader in the SHS community. As a member of the National Honor Society, the Spanish National Honor Society, and a regular on the honor roll, Jack is clearly devoted to his studies; he is also excited to be contributing to his school community as a staff writer for The Scituation. 

Known for his devotion to music, Jack spends a significant portion of his extracurricular life involved in the SHS music program. He has played the trumpet since 4th grade, and he taught himself to play guitar. As a recipient of a scholarship from the South Shore Conservatory Summer Music Festival and a participant in the Jr. District Music Festival and Sr. SEMSBA, Jack's talent and dedication has been recognized and rewarded. At the college level, Jack is interested in contributing to a marching band, wind ensemble, or jazz band.

Excited about his future, Jack hopes to attend college on the West Coast. He describes this choice as one driven by curiosity: Jack wants to experience life and culture on the other side of our country. Even though he hasn't selected his college major, Jack can't wait to explore his options.

Jack Nelson, Staff Writer

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Jack Nelson