Halle McCormack
For many high school students, entering senior year can be a daunting task, with fearful feelings and nerves for what’s to come. Yet, for senior Halle McCormack (she/her), a determined attitude and a dedication to success contribute to her optimistic outlook on what's to come--especially as she continues her journey with The Scituation as Co-Editor-in-Chief. 

Halle is described by her fellow classmates as a good listener. She is also determined and optimistic, helping those around her through both academic endeavors and life in general. Being a true fan of math and English classes, Halle plans to continue these passions in her future endeavors. In addition to her academic life, Halle participates in several clubs at the high school. Dedicated to educating students about the negative effects of bullying, Halle is the vice-president of Allies Not Bystanders: “I like it because it's a fun community to be a part of, and I like being able to see the impact the facilitation has on the ninth grade students,” she says. Halle is also president of Best Buddies, a club that works to promote inclusion throughout the Scituate community. 

After taking Public Speaking and T.V. Production during her freshman year, Halle was inspired to take Honors Journalistic Writing during her junior and senior years. This year, Halle is truly looking forward to writing and editing for The Scituation and hopes to make an impact on the school community.


Halle McCormack, Co-Editor-In-Chief

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Halle McCormack