Emma Huggins
Meet Emma Huggins, a new staff writer for the Scituation. Huggins, a friendly and empathetic junior is taking her skills from Intro to Journalism to Honors. Huggins hopes to report raw stories about Scituate, pushing the envelope with student journalism. Outside of school, Huggins enjoys traveling and has already been to Thailand and London. She hopes to continue to experience different cultures around the world with Bhutan, a small country in Asia, on the top of her bucket list. 

 She is an involved and active student inside the school community, being the co-president of Allies Not Bystanders and a member of Amnesty International. Huggins also started The Film Club at SHS, to help pursue her passions. Interested in politics, Huggins promotes positive change in the community. Recently, Huggins has been a part of Real Talk, which promotes an inclusive environment and has also worked to change the Health curriculum to make the SHS community more safe for everyone. In school, she enjoys film and journalism, which she hopes to study in the future after graduating from Scituate High. 


Emma Huggins, Staff Writer

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Emma Huggins