Colleen Secaur
Beginning her second year at The Scituation, Colleen Secaur is enthusiastic about returning as one of this year’s managing editors. Along with the responsibilities that come with a leadership position, she is looking forward to writing relevant cultural pieces, all while fostering a team environment.

Receiving inspiration from her idols in the journalism field, Colleen continues to give her writing style a unique voice. In particular, Colleen admires the works of Jia Tolentino and Doreen St. Félix, current staff writers for The New Yorker. Colleen praises the incisiveness and clarity of their writing. In addition, she shares their interest in cultural oddities, literature, television, and music.  Colleen also hopes to display the same journalistic integrity she sees in their writing in her own pieces.

Colleen's wide range of academic interests and experiences also contribute to her identity as a student journalist. She has a strong focus on activism, current events, and politics. She juggles her responsibility as treasurer of Model UN and co-captain of the debate team with her avid participation in Amnesty International, a club for which she organized the Northeast conference in 2018.

Even with her very busy schedule, Colleen still finds time to focus on her future aspirations. Over the summer of 2019, she participated in an internship with the New York Times, spending two weeks gaining vital experience in journalism. Working alongside professional journalists further solidified her dream of pursuing journalism in college and one day writing for an esteemed publication. 



Colleen Secaur, Managing Editor

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Colleen Secaur