Teddy Goode
Being a manager at Shaw’s, the supermarket isn’t the only thing Teddy Goode, specializes in. Teddy, a staff member for the Situation began his writing career for the newspaper, his sophomore year. The major story he had written about was vaping, getting published in the online edition of the newspaper. With his success last year, there was no question he would return for this year, hoping that he will be able to cover more sports related topics. Teddy is also is involved in another activity in the high school. He enjoys playing tennis as a hobby, specifically doubles. He is a player of the varsity tennis team, here at the high school. When Teddy is not at school or managing Shaw’s he spends his time with his dog, Murphy, a yellow lab. Or you can find Teddy eating fried chicken, maybe even from Cosmo’s because those are two of his favorite things. During the summer, Teddy enjoys to spend his time at the beach. Living in a beach community, it is a no brainer! As the school year starts, Teddy is excited for his math class, simply because e is good at it. Not only that, he is excited for this upcoming year and what journalism will have in store for him and the rest of the staff!

Teddy Goode , Staff Writer

Nov 17, 2016
Vaping: Artistic Expression or Deadly Vice? ()