Ryan Frankel
Get to know Ryan Frankel, one of the newest additions to the Scituation team. Ryan recently moved to Scituate from Wilton, Connecticut. Though he has only been in Scituate a short time, Ryan has already been outspoken about his passions, goals, and his main message that everyone in the school should “have a voice” and be allowed to write and say whatever they want. Ryan previously came from a privileged area in which people wanted to make themselves appear better by putting down others. Although Ryan had to adapt to cope with that environment, he is ecstatic to meet new people and get a fresh start.

Ryan is an enthusiastic journalist, ardent world traveller, and enjoys multiple sports in his free time. Not only is Ryan fluent in German, but he dreams of one day using this skill to be a German translator for the government. Ryan also wishes to further his journalistic skills, to one day either work for Time, Life, or National Geographic magazine. Besides Ryan’s love of writing, he is extremely passionate about travelling having visited multiple countries already including: Germany, England, Ireland, and the Dominican Republic. He hopes to someday travel to even more countries and perhaps write stories or do photography while there. In the meantime, Ryan plays multiple sports such as track, cross-country, water polo, and swim team. Ryan’s main goal as a junior this year is to spread his message of self individualism, encourage people to have a voice, and continue to work towards making a difference on the world.

Ryan Frankel, Staff Writer

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